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When and where is Claim Your Campus 2020?
July 4th @ Noon CT (10:00am PT/11:00am MT/1:00pm ET). Claim Your Campus 2020 is taking place on YOUR middle or high school campus. Pick an outdoor location on campus that is visible for others to see you and large enough for your size of group. Be sure to arrive a few minutes before Noon CT in order to get the live stream ready on any mobile device.
Who is this event for?
YOU! We are joining in prayer at local middle and high schools to pray for healing for this generation of students and for our nation. Anyone is welcome to join us in prayer for this generation of students and for healing for this nation.
What is Claim Your Campus 2020?
We are calling middle and high school students on July 4th from across America to unite in prayer. Students will lead us as we gather at school fields, parking lots and flag poles to pray for change. Participants will watch and interact with a live national broadcast then encouraged to lead their own groups in prayer on their campus.
What happens after I sign up?
You will receive an email confirmation and next steps in how to help promote and stay informed.
How do I invite others?
Once you’ve signed up you will receive an email with sharable content for the event.
Can I just show up and pray by myself?
Yes, however, we are encouraging students and adults to enter into community and fellowship united through prayer. Please do your best to invite and/or join with others in prayer at your local middle or high school campus.
How or where do I live stream?
You can enter into the Claim Your Campus 2020 live stream from multiple locations. Pick one that works best for you.
  • Campus Prayer App
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
Will the event be recorded? Will I have access to the recording?
Yes, and Yes. More details to come.
Where can I purchase the new Claim Your Campus 2020 Merchandise?
All t-shirts will be available for a limited time. So don’t wait and get your Claim Your Campus 2020 merch today!
How do we pray together when we have to socially distance ourselves?
We encourage you to look up your local gathering recommendations. Even though there may be social distancing rules we can still pray and hear each other from 6 ft away.


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